The Best Divine Words for Family Life

In Kannada :
Sri Sri Sri Dhayanandhapuri Maha Swamiji
Humpi Hema Kooda Gayathri Peedathipathi

In Tamil :
Poet Papriya

In English :
Mr. M .Ilango, B.Ed., M.L.I.S.

Dear my Community People!

1. When the human birth finds it difficult to cross the Samhara Sagar ( the Ocean of Worldly Pleasure), the family bond, only the Gurupeedam comprised of noble qualities of Sadhus, can act as a boat to reach the shore of divinity.

2. The mind of man of this earth can be recognized as the centre for radiations of extraordinarily silly attractive forces which can make the mind roaming restlessly. When the mind gets pleasure now and then through these forces and struggles by getting entangled in them, only the Gurupeedam can act as asylum to surrender.

3. Before knowing what the everlasting and real happiness is, the mind struggles like a life entangled in a trap. This peaceless world stands responsible for the mind to struggle in a wavering state.Before knowing what the everlasting and real in a trap.

Guru who leads any community, helps man to notice the submission of his respective identification marks with peace and great happiness to the Gurupeeedas.

4. The blessings of the Saints give confidence and guide man to lead his long life-journey like the light house which guides the struggling sailor who has lost his way, till he reaches the shore. They ( the blessings ) soften the rough characters of men like the Prayer.

5. Peace and happiness are born together and inseparable like the fruit and its taste. It can be said further that these two are very closer to you like a fruit placed on your palm. You should try to know the taste of that fruit. The hand should help to bring the fruit near the mouth. We should try to attain peace and happiness in the same way through which we have tried to relish the taste of the fruit. Only the calm mind can gain these two in life.

A guide is required to make the mind think . The Guide may be the powerful God whom you trust or may be a layman or a wonderful birth. The Avatars ( the incarnations of God ) on this earth may be in many forms. You can’t view God’s invisible form which you wish to.

6. The mind has the tendency to get allured at once with magical events. If such mind wishes to gain the permanent and the real happiness, it is impossible without having another conditioned man as a companion. Try to identify the birth which has that conditioned mind. That mind may be in the form of a child or a fully grown adult. The peace of mind is acquired when one has confidence on that birth.

7. The Satva Guna ( Goodness ) inhabits where humbleness and peace co-exist. The mind which searches for divinity, may or may not have experienced the life filled with struggle or would have segregated from the Samhara Sagar at the time of having poor worldly knowledge. It may take time to find that the divinity is greater than you.

8. The society attains pleasure by calling a wonderful and supernatural birth , with a name of its choice. Thus, the mind puts forward the cause and the effect without having experienced anything.

A mother feels happy by calling her child with a desired name. This incident can be cited as an example. Like this only, you are very much pleased with naming your Gurupeedam.

9. Humbleness is a rare characteristic feature possessed by human beings. Heredity and richness are the first and the foremost enemies of humbleness. The humbleness possessed by the mind, satisfied with these two, is related to the mental fulfillment. Age can’t be taken as a limiting factor.

The humbleness which we have within us, arises naturally in mind. Its command supports and leads you to all the areas of life. You should understand that the age and economic condition are not taken into account. The man who is humble, can win over not only the co-existing men but also anything on this earth.

10. Have a close look at the people around you and those who have succeeded in their life. They would have applied the mystical word ‘humbleness’ at one stage without their knowledge.

11. The mind which has conditioned humbleness and other good characters would have succeeded in its efforts having faced all the circumstances very easily.

12. Though the commanding mind has the strong qualities such as power and designation, there won’t be any chance for any compulsion to empower the co-existing man, if the mind could learn the technique of achieving something through some adjustments by being submissive.

13. Treat the co-existing man as a Man for he was also born from a mother’s womb like you. You should not subdivide your special talents with the factors like educational qualification and economic condition to distinguish you from him.

Only the silly mind boasts on educational qualification and economic condition to show that it is in the higher level. This sort of mentality is not permanent.

14. Man is one of the twin pans of a balance. The balanced condition should be only at the mental level.

It should not be like weighing the sample after filling the pan. If the two pans are in the balanced condition, there is no need for a pointer to indicate the weight. Use only the mind as the measuring scale to distinguish one man from another. Don’t weigh after filling anything in the mind.

15. One who has control over anything, succeeds in life by way of knowing his condition and needs and acting accordingly.

One who has no control, is like a wheel whose axle has been unhinged . One can’t travel on that for a long time.

16. One who has self-control and keeps bound to the justice of his dependents, can accomplish his services through them with encouragements. That is the success attained through cleverness. Moreover this quality is required for leadership.

17. The advantages derived from the words commanded, misusing one’s designation, are like the honey dropped on the palm. This honey can be tasted just for a moment. In the same way, the advantage resulted out of his words will last for a short moment. The permanency of the advantage, like the taste of honey, can be attained by way of analyzing the good qualities through thought.

18. ‘Adjusting to any kind of situation’ is not an easy thing. The man who has mind which desires to go along with the factors such as justice, arguments & ups and downs can be called as the Divine Birth. He can achieve anything and everything.

19. You are accepting one who has the capacity to adorn the Gurupeedan as Guru. You should be able to analyze the ‘cause and effect’ to realize the power of the person whom you have accepted as Guru.

If it is true that you have given respect to a birth which could deliver how it realized God within it, to an individual or to a society, then it can be understood that you have given me the eligibility for having realized the divine power. So, I can be your Guru, can’t I ? Taking that right, I can tell you the causes arising within me as divine words, can’t I ?

20. Haven’t you heard of the Divine Words of Shridi Sai Baba ? Oh, My community! I can’t cite the best example other than this, for the word ‘Guru’.

Here are the Divine Words of Shridi Sai Baba :

“ If you look at me, I will look at you.
Have complete faith in Guruji !
This would be your greatest achievement.
Guruji is equivalent to all the Gods.”

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